A turnaround and creditors committee (TCC) has been formed by Cyril Lombard, John Cheesmond and Esthol Jackson. The TCC has authority to make decisions about the future of PhytoTrade and is focused on restoring the organisation to financial health.

They are supported by former board member Pierre du Plessis in an advisory role, with administrative and financial support from the core PhytoTrade team based in Harare. The new PhytoTrade thus retains significant institutional knowledge and expertise.

The current PhytoTrade team consists of:

    • John Cheesmond - chair & former PhytoTrade CEO
    • Cyril Lombard - former PhytoTrade CEO
    • Esthol Jackson - former PhytoTrade head of finance and control
    • Pierre du Plessis - ABS & biodiversity expert, former PhytoTrade board member
    • Madumezulu Silinda - community development & SME incubation expert
    • Rose Musimwa - PhytoTrade administration & secretariat
    • Mauro Beccaro – engineer & international business development professional